Saturday October 24 , 2020

Category: Facilities

History of Our Facility

The building that houses our data center is located just north of Boston, MA, in the Hood Business Park and was originally part of the Hood Milk processing plant.

Construction of the original building was completed in 1929, but the planers where not in any wise slack concerning the engineering of their endeavor. Apparently mindful of the regions seismatic activity, the engineers built this fortified structure on a six-foot thick concrete foundation supported by sixty foot concrete pilings. In addition, they built their own in-house power plant while being physically located on two distinct power grids and connected to all three for ultimate redundancy!

As it turns out, the design of the milk processing plants thick walls needed for cooling and the raised floors needed for run-off of the milk, has made it to be the optimal environment for a super high-tech data center.


Enterprise Class Data Center

Our more than 20,000 square feet data center is located toward the rear of the building with minimal foot traffic and discreet signage, which helps to maintain a low profile.

This is a SAS 70 Type II certified Data Center, providing best-of-breed data center operations with hardened physical infrastructure, security, and environmental services.


Restricted Access

Biometric palm scanners are at the entrance to the data center. There is a 24/7 on-site security staff. Approved visitors without an access card can ring the security desk from the front entrance via intercom. The Network Operation Center personnel can see visitors through a video camera and confirm that the person is authorized to enter the facility by validating their contact info against our authorized data list.


Network Operations Center

We endeavor to employ an ultimate redundancy model throughout our entire infrastructure. We have a primary Network Operations Center located right next to the data center floor where monitoring takes place for the network, servers, and environmental components. A secondary, or back-up, Network Operations Center is a located in a secure area behind closed doors. This secondary NOC shares space with our upper tier technical support and provisioning team consisting of tier 3 engineers who provide 24×7 monitoring at all levels of our Network Operations Center.


Data Center Tour

We are certainly proud of our staff and facilities, but that’s just the beginning! From here we use lightning-fast OC-12 Direct Fiber Optic Circuitry to connect our uniquely powerful network to four (4) Tier-1 providers that service such giants as Yahoo®!, Netscape®, eBay®, and USA TODAY®!

We invite you to take the following photo tour of our operation, while considering us as a new home for your data and a reliable provider for all your internet hosting needs.